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Value-Added Services

Provides a full menu of financial services – pension planning for businesses, retirement planning for all ages and estate planning for higher income families – through highly trained professionals and experienced support staff. We help you “Chart the Course to your wealth preservation.”

Careful analysis of your current financial situation to help prevent costly mistakes or lost opportunities – helping you understand what you have.

Coaching individuals to establish clear goals and strategies that can make a significant difference over time

Understanding each person’s values and what they want their money to do for the people that are important to them—the better we know you the better our recommendations can be.

Tax Minimization Strategies—custom designed to help you get the most out of your savings/investments.

Products are independently selected from a wide menu of companies without bias. Insurances: life, health, disability, annuity, long-term care. Investments: managed accounts using no-load mutual funds* and annuities, IRAs, 401Ks, mutual funds—assuring you the appropriate values possible.

Client services: newsletters, website tools-access to client balances and helpful research data to keep you current.

Regular client reviews to keep your financial plan fine tuned and on target.

Assistance in shopping for mortgages, business loans, negotiating financing for vehicles (buy vs. lease analysis), etc. to help you analyze your choices more effectively.

* no load mutual funds may incur 12b-1 fees

**Investing in securities involves risk including possible loss of principal